In today’s competitive environment, in order for a professional services organization to differentiate itself, regardless of whether it functions as the internal services, or if it runs as a stand-alone enterprise servicing multiple products, the move of sales effectiveness to grow revenues must be taken into account strategically. Our telesales service is tailored to the needs of those client organization whose sales efforts are primarily driven by telesales activities.

We implement specialized telesales-programs for enterprise clients from various industries, targeting both B2B and B2C markets. Our professionally trained telesales team not only acts as a seamless extension to our clients’ sales, conducting upselling and cross-selling but also convert difficult leads into sales.

With our telesales service, we offer your business’s needs the following cutting edge:


The significant experience in upselling and cross-selling for various categories such as information technology products and services, finance and banking products, website design and hosting services, training & education programs, wireless telecommunications, satellite TV, etc.


Effective telesales requires specific expertise. Our expertise telesales team helps you save money and increase sales team to meet current needs. The great value of this expandable sales team is that it can easily be tailored to the size of your telesales campaign to your budget.

Further, the specialized telesales team increases the conversion rates of leads whilst decreasing your costs per sale.


Telesales team, on duty contacts existing customers and new prospects to sell products or services. Telesales agents may use a script to ask their contacts qualifying questions and to present the features and benefits of the products or provides answers to common objections that contacts might raise. Using a telesales team to sell directly to customers can increase sales and reduce the cost of sales, compared with the equivalent cost of a field sales team.


Utilizing telesales team to handle repeat orders of low-value products from existing customers is an ideal approach to cost-efficiency. This helps reduce the time a field sales team spends on repeat business, giving them more time to concentrate on new sales. Telesales representatives can offer customers additional products or services when they call to place orders. Cross-selling raises sales and profits, improve the productivity of telesales representatives while upselling earn a higher-end version of the product or exclusive services resulting in customers’ loyalty and greater revenues.


Step 1: We conduct a face-to-face discussion with enterprise clients on the KPI for telesales agents. After discussion, both sides come to the agreed KPI.

Step 2: Our specialist team identifies the profile of target clients:

– Industry Sector

– Client by Employee Size

– Client by Sales Turnover

Step 3: Building Client Database and Defining Geographic Strategy

We establish new client data sources and utilizing the existing ones. Moreover, we cooperate with clients to explore other source of data as well.

In addition, we work with enterprise clients to define specifically the accepted areas, cities or provinces in which the prospective customers to be explored.

Step 4: Both sides working together to draft telephone sales pitch geared to product launch and agreed call objectives, then we review the draft with clients and get final approval from them.

Step 5: Account Management: we appoint a Project Manager or a Project Leader.

Step 6: Project Manpower to be prepared and trained with the agreed timeline.

Step 7: Project Pilot Run

Step 8: Project Commences

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