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Throughout all aspects of our BPO services, Matbao BPO is always committed:

  • A dedicated spirit to service quality
  • A dedicated perspective to competitive service-price
  • A dedication to manpower
  • A dedication to clients’ security, confidentiality and infrastructure.
  • A dedication to insightful experience in project deployment.

In addition, we are definitely aware of conducting our business in a responsible and lawful manner with respect for the society, business partners and environmental impacts of our activities. This has always been integral to the way we deliver our services, and we strive to promote the same perspective in our relationships with clients, suppliers and other business partners. Thereby, that is why clients should be our sustainable companion.


We manage our daily operations and business activities in a manner that protects the health & safety of the staff working under our control and supervision. Employees’ wellbeing is on the top of first priorities through establishing a strong safety culture at all levels within the organization. In addition, we not only conduct that best practices within the company but also promote health and safety considerations in our relationships with suppliers and other business partners as well.


We will respect internationally recognized human rights and work to ensure that we do not contribute to human rights violations as a result of our global business activities. As a trusted employer, we will ensure that all our employees are treated in a manner consistent with Law of Vietnam and international labor conventions.


We rank security considerations equally with commercial and operational factors in managing our business. Constant care to prevent breaches of security is taken into account at all times, and we are also proactive to cooperate openly with pertinent authorities and clients’ security department.