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It is a common belief among enterprise owners that successfully hiring a C&B staff means that they have completed the task of compensation calculation, social insurance and personal income tax fulfillment for the employees but unaware that if the C&B staff has the full knowledge and comply with all statutory requirements or not. In the increasingly complicated regulation environment of Vietnam, when enterprises don’t fully understand and regularly update knowledge on payroll regulations, they may run a risk of penalties for late filing and payment, or having to make compensation for wrong calculation of salary/ personal income tax.

Payroll outsourcing service is an ideal choice for enterprises who want to reduce legal risks, enhance information security and accuracy in compensation and benefit calculation for their employees. In order to help enterprises focus on their core business, Mat Bao BPO will perform payroll tasks for enterprises as followed:

A. Payroll and HR Records Management

  1. Manage, update and maintain employee database
  2. Cross check on employees’ attendance with partners
  3. Calculate employees’ compensations
  4. Make payroll sheet sending to each employee
  5. Make overall payroll report

B. Fulfillment of government procedures

  1. Complete legal process relating to social insurance (declaration, payment request)
  2. Make periodic HR report as required by the Government
  3. Fulfill personal income tax (tax code, tax report …) procedures
  4. Calculate personal income tax for employees
  5. Manage personal income tax deduction for employees and make income tax finalization report
  6. Manage annual benefits, medical support, bonuses for employees

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