Staff Leasing

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Mat Bao can customize a staffing plan to meet your demand of supplemental staff for short or long-term periods for example:

  • Arrange staffs to cover the tasks of your employees on leaves
  • Quickly supply a large number of employees to fulfill your special assignments or seasonal workloads and projects

This kind of service can help you to save time as well as recruitment expenses; turn a fixed labor cost into a variable one as to be aligned with your production plan at any time. Furthermore, we also offer management service whenever your company need.

We are also responsible for recruiting and screening candidates, it will help companies to focus on their business. Your company can rely on our professional recruiters with access to a wide range of resources, to select the suitable employee.

Staff leasing service provides enterprises opportunity to:

  • Replace specialists quickly
  • Avoid possible labor disputes
  • Reduce the personnel in staff-list while keeping unchanged number of employees
  • Support business transformation process
  • Exclude or reduce costs for dismissal of employees
  • Test new employees without entering into labor contract
  • Diminish volume of HR paper work and related
  • Optimize costs for training and remuneration

Following are the types of staff we provide:

Customer service/ Telesales agent

Our customer service/ telesales agents not only have good speaking voice and working experience but they are also well trained in Customer Service/ Telesales and other soft skills as communication skill, emotion control skill, sales closing skill and information security for customers.

Our Customer service/ Telesales agents meet the following requirements:

  • Clear voice/ pronunciation
  • Communication skills, problem solving skills, computer skills…
  • Experienced in Customer service/ Telesales

Receptionist/Administrative staff

Our staff meet the following requirements:

  • Communication skills in Vietnamese and English
  • College/ University graduates
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good-looking, confident, polite, friendly


Our deliverymen are experienced and familiar with the streets. They always leave your customers the best impression.

Our deliverymen meet the following requirements:

  • Smartphones users
  • Becoming ambassador of your partners
  • Knowing the delivery areas well
  • Being honest

Packaging staff

Mat Bao has the ability to provide a large amount of packaging staff, up to hundreds people in just a short period of time, which contributed to the success of big promotion campaign for many e-commerce enterprises in Vietnam.

For more information, please contact us:


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