Mat Bao BPO And Its Global Integration Strategy

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According to the report “Where in the World? Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Shared Service Location Index” published by C&W in 2015, Vietnam ranked #1 as the world’s premier destination for business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Although not appearing in Vietnam until 2005, BPO services are now considered a high potential sector in the market. Catching up with high levels of foreign investment, Mat Bao BPO was established with the objective to contribute to the development of BPO services in Vietnam, as well as to support domestic firms in improving their business productivity. Now, let’s come with Japan Circle to meet Mrs. Tran Thi Phuong Linh – Director of Mat Bao BPO (MBB) and listen to her sharing interesting stories about MBB.

  • 2002: HR Manager of Mesa Group
  • 2006: HR Manager of Diem Viet Company
  • 2008: Director of Mai Anh Company
  • 2011: Director of Minh Phuc Company
  • 2013: Director of Mat Bao BPO – under Mat Bao Group
  • Taking part in many vocational programs for Vietnamese young people
  • Trainer of HR Management program at University of Economics – Ho Chi Minh City
  • Taking part in many charitable activities
  • She was rewarded the title “Outstanding Young Entrepreneur 2015”
  • Vice-chairman of Saigon Technology Group (STG)
  • Vice-president of 2030 Businessmen Club – Under the Saigon Times Club


Nice to meet you, Mrs. Phuong Linh. First of all, I would like to know how you started your business?

I think this job came to me as a destiny. After graduating from university, I was always passionate about working in HR sector. I did start up and did fail. I also run and managed large scale companies. I was lucky that I had a chance to meet those of Mat Bao Group’s Board of Management and get to share my point of view about BPO services. Then, we decided to establish Mat Bao BPO JSC with a belief that we can create jobs for thousands of employees and contribute to the development of BPO services in Vietnam.

What makes your services different from these of other BPO providers?

What distinguishes Mat Bao BPO from other providers is our professional-trained staff serving 24/7 to bring the best values to customers. For Call Center, we focus mainly on customer care services, helping customer sell their products effectively. When providing services to customers, not only do we implement the project for our customers but we also give them advice on how to build and manage an effective team order to ensure human resources and cost optimization.

What is your business philosophy? Do you have any difficulties maintaining that philosophy?

“Reliable – Collaborative, Dedicated – Creative” are the core values that Mat Bao wants to bring to our customers. Our mission is “Committed to be an effective partner, serving enterprise clients with added value”. Despite having operated the business for many years, we still faced some difficulties working in BPO as it is a quite new service in Vietnam. That’s why we are trying our best every day, approaching every firm and provide them the most effective methods when using our services. With such determination, along with the growth of BPO services in the near future, I believe that Mat Bao BPO will be an example of a successful BPO company in the market, earning trust from firms and convince them to accept BPO as one part of their business.

Can you share with us more about Mat Bao’s achievements in recent years?

We are proud to say that Mat Bao BPO is the best Business Process Outsourcing provider in Vietnam with international-standard facilities for Call Center service. Mat Bao BPO is currently having more than 2.000 employees across the country.

In the time of global integration, what are the opportunities yet challenges that your company are facing?

In the time of globalization, especially becoming a member of TPP brings Vietnam many opportunities, yet challenges. Enterprises and multinational corporations are now all joining a common playground, requiring Vietnam to do its best to stay competitive, survive and thrive. In my opinion, there are 3 factors that plays a very important role: experience, capital and business management. Vietnamese firms need to take these factors into consideration in order to enhance their competency among rivals in the market.


Can you share your tips to become so successful in your business?

My success came from my passion. Although having worked in this service for more than 5 years, my passion and love for BPO still stays the same as the very first day. Moreover, working with “Heart” and being dedicated to our customers are what we always keep in mind and head for.

What do you think of BPO trend in the future and what need to be done to catch up with such trend?

BPO is now a global trend for enterprises, however, it is still new and not well received. With an continuous effort for the growth of BPO services, Mat Bao BPO hopes to make Vietnam as an attractive destination for Call Center like the Philippines or India.

Do you have any other passion or hobbies besides work?

Apart from work, I really love doing charitable work and helping community. I am currently a member of some charities run by Mat Bao Group and 2030 Business Club.

How do you think of the potential for cooperation with Japan?

Japan is one of the biggest and most reliable trading partner of Vietnam. With a high business investment and development potential in Vietnam market, Japanese firms are gradually transferring their businesses to Vietnam and focus more on this market. This has created a huge opportunity for local businesses. Therefore, Vietnamese firms are making every effort to take advantage of the opportunity for a sustainable development in the future.

What is your expectation being as a VIP member of Japan Circle?

First, I’d like to thank Japan Circle for being here in Vietnam. As a member of Japan Circle, we hope to gain recognition in Japan. Through Japan Circle, we want to bring Vietnamese firms an opportunity to connect with not only Japan but also ASEAN countries. Besides, Mat Bao BPO wants to accompany Circle Japan to support enterprises expand their businesses globally, especially to Japan. We expect to learn more from Japanese management model through training programs by Japan Circle, and then apply to our model for better business performance.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us! We wish you all the best and success in your business.