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Housing Business Services

We are the market leader in the field of Real Estate Housing Agency and is currently selling and supplying a wide range of projects in the residential real estate market high quality Vietnam and in Asia Pacific Street.


We stand in the list of strategic companies with leading marketing projects in Vietnam. The success we have achieved a reputation worthy of development consulting and leading real estate companies can not be compared. We provide investors project the extensive expertise and services of high quality real estate, sales practical experience in Vietnam, the world practices from local investors local, and particularly primary database biggest potential customers in Vietnam.
In 2008 and 2009, we directly manage the sale of real estate projects valued at 180 million to 200 million.
We provide investors:
Overall knowledge and extensive local market, regional and international levels.
Covering the international market through transnational networks.
Access to the largest database of potential customers.
Professional counselor.
The professional staff with the skills to help maximize your sales price.
Integrity, professionalism and true needs.
Major investments in advanced technologies.
Database of potential buyers with auto update feature customer email addresses.
The team leading the Vietnam market.
Our team of marketing and public relations professionals.
The marketing materials of high quality.


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