Data Entry

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Increasing data volume is a common issue for the contemporary companies. Huge data processing results in a critical delay, which hamper customer satisfaction leading to a negative long-term effect with the profitability. At MatBao BPO, our data entry service supports clients to revitalize the progress of data processing. Our accurate and timely data entry services help clients handle large volumes of data with higher efficiency and at cost-effective rates.

We deliver the service with stringent security procedures. The centralized, highly controlled computing environment ensures that all data and source documents remain secure, thereby ensuring utmost confidentiality.


Data entry from product catalogs to web based systems

Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format

Insurance claims entry

Online data capture services

Data entry from images

Online order entry and follow up

Creation of new databases and updates to existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services and service providers

Mailing lists

Data mining and warehousing

Data cleansing

Legal documents

Hand written ballot/cards entry

Online completion of surveys and responses of customers for various companies

Data entry from e-book and e-magazine publications on the Internet

Data entry from hospital records, patient notes and accident reports

Business card indexing

Data entry of birth records, municipal records, town records, and other legal documents

At MatBao BPO, we provide two types of data entry service: Single Data Entry and Double Data Entry:


The Data Entry Process begins with MatBao BPO receiving scanned or hard copy documents from clients. Clients can opt the option of uploading the documents onto our secure FTP or presenting hard copies to us.

The data entry project with then assigned to a Project Manager who will arrange and monitor the information flow by having a hand of monitoring team under stringent verification. In order to avoid conflicts and duplication, each section of the data entry project will be assigned to the appropriate Team Leads. The Team Leads will pass on the information and delegate tasks for their team members.

 The team will then conduct the inputting process with specific applications that are developed by Mat Bao BPO, or in the form of excel sheet as per client requirements.

The next stage is the proof reading, where the Data Entry Team identifies and corrects errors

In the quality assurance stage, the proof-read documents are sent for verification to the second level Quality Heads.

After the second level of quality checks are completed, the verified documents are re-issued and sent to the agents. The documents are then re-entered and the last quality check is carried out to ensure ultimate accuracy.

With Single Data Entry Process, we ensure the accuracy ranging from 97 – 99 percentage. In this stage we check the completed documents for clarity and accuracy. In the final stage of the data entry process, the Data Entry Team sends the completed and verified documents to the clients.


Two data-entry agents input the same data into the customized system.

Then the system will conduct the stringent comparison with the entire content.

After the comparison, if any discrepancies found, the content will be adjusted accordingly by data-entry agents.

Double-check and cross check: 2 data-entry agents check data input simultaneously, if any defect occurs, then two agents correct and re-input the data again.

Final check or random check: when double-check process conducted on the same data sample is finished, QA Leader will perform the final check again on that data to make sure ultimate accuracy.

Finally, the Data Entry Team sends the completed and verified documents to the clients

Result: the accuracy is at the utmost level with 99.99 percentage under Double Data Entry Process.