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During the fierce competition nowadays, the problem of how to enhance customer experience and increase the value of the company is something that every businesses want to achieve . Understanding this need, Mat Bao BPO provide professional and high quality contact center service to help your business convey the right message to the right people and the right time. Contact Center is a factor in business system whose primary function is to interact with and manage all client connections. A contact center includes one or more call center, plus other connectivity methods, such as email, fax, live chat or video chat, … At Mat Bao BPO, we provide various services to meet specific requirements of enterprise customers, such as:

– Customer care

– Telemarketing

– Telesales

– Services customer support by live chat or email

– Technical support / helpdesk

– Receiving orders from customers

All services are supported Mat Bao BPO in 02 languages: Vietnamese and English, ensuring the purchase of new customers, increasing customer base, sales support, helping to maintain and increase sales existing collection, evoking the relationship with existing customers through customer care programs and build relationships with new customers. Besides, the services of Mat Bao BPO Contact Center supports enterprise customers develop, test and launch products and services through service promotion and follow-up call with low cost and risk. We can build a small-scale contact center as well as operate large-scale contact center, support multiple languages ​​simultaneously and serve clients throughout the enterprise 24/7. Besides the resources and facilities to serve the needs of the present, Mat Bao BPO has also established backup systems, to reduce risks to the lowest as well as serve the needs of expanding your future services.

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