Contact Center: Trends to watch in 2018

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There is now a fierce competition between companies in the market. Along with product quality, customer service plays a key role as the secret to success of any business. Profits from customer relationships are the lifeblood of all businesses. That’s why more and more companies find it necessary to have a professional Contact Center so that they could bring the best service to their customers. In the Industrial Revolution 4.0, how will technology advance the Contact Center system? Here are some trends to keep an eye on in 2018.


Digital transformation

Businesses have always tried to differentiate themselves by bringing out unique sales strategy or improving the quality of the products. However, we can see that today customers have a tendency for a new experience – something that leads to a long-lasting relationship with a business. Customers are having higher and higher expectations, pushing businesses to make changes to meet these demands. And digital transformation will be the solution to create differences.


Digital transformation, the application of advanced technologies that have completely restructured the modern business environment. With advancements like unified omnichannel communications and machine-to-machine communications via the Internet of Things (IoT), a forward-looking digital transformation strategy is going to be key for businesses who want to stay competitive.


Focus on customer experience

Customers are getting used to enhanced experiences and want better and better service. Companies will need to keep up with these expectations or fall farther behind. It’s the company that focus on their customers that thrive.

Businesses need to reconsider the whole customer experience and constantly examine how customers react with the Contact Center. A digital Contact Center redefines the customer experience from start to finish. A wise business integrates technologies to their business to provide full customer context with each integration and leveraging system data to provide more active service.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


In recent years, Artificial Intelligence is becoming a trend when more and more businesses integrate AI to their system. According to Deloitte, 56% of technology, media and telecom companies are planning to invest in AI. Businesses are getting into deeper predictive analytics by using AI applications to help simplify call center experiences for customers and agents.

Chatbots, robotic process automation, virtual assistants have transformed customer experience, and have changed the roles of customer service agents for the better.


Cloud communications

Many businesses have used cloud communications as part of their communication strategy. Cloud communications now play an important role for Contact Center. With the steady increase in call agents, cloud communications are necessary for businesses who want to take advantage of seamless team communications.

However, app developers still need to find out optimal options for some existing issues such as database and system security or the flexibility of integrating solutions.


Social media 

social media


Social networks are becoming popular nowadays. The fastest way to get access to any information is through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook,…

Customers want a place where they can learn about a business  and get quick feedback of services they are interested in.

Have businesses be prepared for a social media support strategy? If customers come to you through these channels, you need to be there with strategy in hand. If not, those customes will have to pick up the phone, a much costlier interaction.

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