Time Of Outsourcing (part 2)

Outsourcing in home country.

Beside IT outsourcing, outsourcing presented in many other fields. In USA, the paper administration of more than two millions employees (including recruitment, unemployment, payroll, advanced training) have been handled by HR companies. Outsourcing in USA grew 30% annually and allowed companies to cut the cost up to 30%.

Outsourcing market grew vigorously in global scale. Many companies got prosperous by providing attractive services such as cleaning, office and building security, and network administration. Outsourcing has created many new careers which normal enterprises may not want to include in their fulltime job list.

In Vietnam, outsourcing were exploited by many enterprises. Big enterprises often outsourced logistics, warehouse tasks, office cleaning, 24/24 security and office pack & ship. Startups or SMEs tended to outsource accounting, tax reports, network administration/installation or IT helpdesk.

In publishing, it was popular for publishers to outsource translation and editing tasks. A network of freelancers helped publishers saving lots of cost for human resources.

Payroll outsourcing – an increasing trend in Vietnam.

In mid – 90s, payroll outsourcing existed among multinational companies and spread to join – venture companies and SMEs.

Earlier, foreign enterprises preferred payroll services of the banks, now they changed and used the services of headhunt or HR consulting providers.

In Vietnam nowadays, headhunt or HR consulting companies provided this service. Payroll is not a difficult task but required the professionalism, prestige and accuracy of the providers. HR consulting companies have big advantage in this field because they are the ones to understand the importance of human resources, from recruitment to payroll, job rotation and work assessments.


Matbao BPO is a Vietnam experienced HR solution provider. With payroll professional team, we surely bring numerous value for customers such as optimizing costs, cut down managing costs and allowing companies to focus on their core business. Besides, we provided added value for customers by consulting HR-related issues like medical and social insurances, employment assessment, etc.

Outsourcing benefits:

Saving costs: outsourcing services costs are often lowers than the cost an enterprises perform tasks by itself. Enterprises have to pay for employees’ individual income tax, let alone medical and social insurances.

Saving workplace: Setting up a fulltime HR department will require you a wide office space, working equipment such as table, computer, fax machine, stationaries and drinking water, etc.

Ensuring smooth and continual operation: your full time employees have right for annual leaves and sick leaves while your works need continual operating. Your outsourcing partner will ensure the operation continually as your wish.

Saving time and ensuring quality.

In his newest book titled “Managing in The Next Society”, (publisher Truman Talley Books, 2002), the late author Peter Drucker said, in the next generation, most of enterprises would face the fact that 40% of their employees work irregularly.

But the most interesting part is not quantity or size of the outsourcing deal but the nature of it. Though some CEOs outsource in order to cut human resource cost but majority of them tend to aim at other complex objections. Many companies outsource to approach competitive skills, enhance serving ability and response to variable business demands.

Benefits outsourcing brought to enterprises are considerable. However, before using the service, enterprises should consider to choose the right partners. A professional and prestigious outsourcing company will surely save you lot of cost while the quality remain the same.